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Duties at States

Duties of Presenters, Sponsors, Chaperons, and Technicians at the State Meeting

Copy and distribute to all adults and students attending the State Meeting.
There are mandatory meetings for presenters, sponsors, chaperons and technicians on Sunday evening. Please read your PJAS program booklet for the time and location. Please be on time.


Presenters are expected to study the schedule listed in the front of the state booklet, also found on the "STATE Meeting" section of the website. Attendance is mandatory at all meetings, sessions, and ceremonies. It is your responsibility to be present and on time.

Check the state booklet immediately for your presentation unit. Make sure you know the time and location of your unit. Campus maps are provided. Shuttle buses are available.

If there is a problem (i.e., not in the program booklet, wrong category), tell your sponsor at once. You and your sponsor can receive a "Change Unit" slip from your Regional Director at the Sunday night meeting and then report to the unit change session listed in the booklet.

There are a number of special awards (listed in the state booklet and on our website). If you receive a first award, you must attend the Special Awards Ceremony Monday evening. If your name is called and you are not at the ceremony, you forfeit the award. There are no excuses for missing the Special Awards ceremony.

Juniors and seniors may interview for scholarship and trip awards. See the state booklet or website for more information on interview location and time. These students should bring their high school transcript and a letter of recommendation to the State Meeting to use at the interview.


Technicians will need a watch to use for timing and a pen or pencil. There is a mandatory technician meeting Sunday evening. Check the state booklet for time and place. It is imperative that all technicians attend.

Please see Expectations for Technicians at State Meeting for additional information

Sponsors and Chaperons

PJAS requires one sponsor/judge for every five students that are participating from your school in the State Meeting.

A sponsor or a designated school representative must attend the State Meeting with the students and be available at all times to supervise your students. Sponsors are to pick up their judging packets on the second floor of Findlay/Johnston Commons. All sponsors will be assigned to judge.

All chaperones will be assigned to supervise in areas like the morning awards ceremony. Chaperoning packets will be with your registration packet. All chaperones must report to their assigned area. Please be on time!

Advanced Placement Examinations

College Board Advanced Placement Examinations are given on the Penn State campus through State College High School. Contact the guidance counselor at State College High School for the location of the exam and how to request that the exam be sent to State College HS. You need to make the contact in March or early April. The phone number for State College HS is (814) 231-1111 or (814) 231-5020. There are two State College High School buildings. Their web address is: https://www.scasd.org/.

PJAS does not make arrangements for the AP exams. PJAS will provide van transportation to the testing site and move your presentation time if necessary for you to take the exam.

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